IMRAM Website

The 2021 IMRAM Festival

The Challange

Design an adaptive website that showcases the list of events for the 2021 IMRAM festival and also host the archive of programs for every year going back to 2004. The content is mainly in Irish with some English sub text. The purpose of the site is to inform users about each event and to enable them to easily get tickets.

The Result

The overall design mirrors the colours used in the print version of the event program and we spent a lot of time getting the content set correctly so that the Irish and English text came together well.

We developed a wordpress theme that gave an overview of the ‘Clár’ on the homepage where we used an accordion to fit in all the events without the user having to scroll too much. The mobile version of the site doesn’t use the accordion and users can navigate directly to each event page.

Each event page has a section that highlights the artist that are taking part in the event, this is done inside a carousel.

We used a flipbook to showcase the archive of programs. The Ticketing page is designed to be simple allowing users to navigate off the site to purchase their tickets.


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