Catriona Hanly Couture

Catriona Hanly Couture is an Irish Luxury fashion brand – Catriona has produced a series of dazzling collections and required an online store to showcase her work.

The Challange

We developed the brand from the ground up including the brand icon which was inspired by a gold buckle Catriona fell in love with, this icon has been used in various forms both online and off. We also created a text-based logo that would help communicate the brand’s luxurious roots in a minimal way.

The original website was WordPress based with a woo-commerce engine but we found that it had limitations so had to find a solution that would tie in better with the brands social media platfoms.

The Result

The solution involved designing a Shopify store and moving the entire catalogue over to the Shopify platform from a woo-commerce version of the site. The new site has resulted in an easier to manage store from both an operations and marketing perspective and has resulted in a much-improved shopping experience for the end-user.

As a result, we have also moved other clients over to the Shopify platform and we continue to keep up to speed with new Shopify features that we can incorporate into our clients’ eCommerce websites.

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