Microsoft ESD Ads

Microsoft choose Largum to develop a range of digital communications including video ads to help explain the benefits of using Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) for Microsoft end-users, distributors and resellers.

The Process

Following a period of discovery with the client, we developed a brief for the project that defined the objectives of the advertisement.  The main challenge at this point was to try and explain a complex process in an easy to understand fashion.

We decided that the whiteboard animation style would be an ideal medium to help convey the message to the end-users.

The next step was to write the script for the voice over and we narrowed it down to a final edit over a number of sessions with the client.

We recorded the voiceovers with an actor in the studio and then we could start building the assets for the animation itself.

Everything was drawn by hand and scanned into digital format. The final step of the process was to combine the hand-drawn sketches with the product images and the voiceover.

The Result

The final two advertisements were put onto Vimeo and the URL was embedded and shared with thousands of Microsoft resellers and retailers across a range of platforms.

We succeed in helping Microsoft explain how ESD works in an easy to follow and concise way. This helped them greatly in their marketing communication of this new form of product distribution and the feedback from their resellers was extremely positive.

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